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Protection from Free Radicals & Cellular Damage - Hydrogen Therapy


Molecular hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe, but it is a well-known powerful anti-oxidant

For over 50 years, Molecular Hydrogen has been studied for its potential health benefits. Some researchers refer to it as a “master regulator” due to its ability to harmonize various processes within the human body. One unique advantage of hydrogen is its size and bioavailability. Unlike traditional antioxidants, its small molecular structure allows it to easily cross cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier. This enables it to effectively penetrate biomembranes, infiltrate organelles like mitochondria and the nucleus, and reach parts of the cell that other, larger antioxidants cannot access.

Molecular Hydrogen Helps with Oxidative Stress and Inflammation

With all the unhealthy food and chemical products we consume, alongside the smog-filled air we breathe, chronic inflammation and oxidative stress plagues our population. The root of almost all ailments stem from oxidative stress and inflammation. Studies show that Molecular Hydrogen attenuates oxidative stress by up to 45%.

How does the Molecular Hydrogen Therapy work?

At the wellness, we offer two methods of Molecular Hydrogen therapy: 

  • Hydrogen gas inhalation 

  • Hydrogen water.

In the Inhalation method, patients breathe in hydrogen gas, typically through a nasal cannula or mask. This method delivers a higher concentration of hydrogen directly into the bloodstream through the lungs.
The gas we use in our center is Oxy-hydrogen, generated by cutting-edge devices. Oxy-hydrogen gas is a gaseous mixture of molecular hydrogen and molecular oxygen that is generated by the electrolysis of water and delivered in a ratio of 2:1 (66% and 33% respectively).

Our Hydrogen bottles are designed to enrich water with Molecular Hydrogen quickly. By simply using these bottles, you can transform your regular drinking water into hydrogen-rich water within minutes. This enhanced water allows you to tap into the powerful antioxidant properties of Molecular Hydrogen. Many of our satisfied clients, as well as our own team, frequently use these bottles to enjoy the benefits of Hydrogen water. By drinking from our Hydrogen bottles, you’re not only hydrating but also providing your body with a potent antioxidant boost, helping to combat oxidative stress and promote overall well-being.

Molecular Hydrogen Benefits

Multiple studies show hydrogen gas supports homeostasis in the body by down regulating pro inflammatory cytokines. Runaway inflammation has been implicated in many chronic illnesses. Hydrogen may prove to play an important role in restoring balance to the body relative to inflammation.

  • Super antioxidant

  • Nutrition for your cells

  • Regenerative power

  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and anti-apoptotic

  • Autophagy regulator

  • Suppresses brain damage

  • Regulates gene expression

  • Stimulates energy metabolism

Hydrogen is the smallest particle in the universe.

Super Small:  It is so small you could even fit 200,000 molecules of hydrogen across the width of one strand of hair.
Source of Fuel: Hydrogen is a source of fuel, it has no toxic by product. Hydrogen acts as a source of fuel to improve cellular function.

The Best Antioxidant: Each day our bodies are battered. H2 is a novel antioxidant because of its ability to scavenge strong oxidants.

Selective Antioxidante: Hydrogen is a selective antioxidant as it can rapidly diffuse across cell membranes where other

Hydrogen serves as a valuable protectant in the prevention of disease.

Molecular Hydrogen and Metabolic Diseases

Reactive oxygen species also play a role in diseases such as diabetes mellitus, as damage to the mitochondrial function caused by ROS and other inflammatory processes lead to diabetic sequelae.

Studies have shown that the application of hydrogen reduces oxidative stress in the liver, therefore resulting in reduced fat retention.

Hydrogen also has a direct effect on improved blood sugar levels. A clinical trial involving 30 type 2 diabetes patients was split into study group and control group. The study group used hydrogen as a medicinal application and the control did not.
It was found that biomarkers for oxidative stress, insulin resistance and glucose metabolism was improved in the study group. Additionally, a significant improvement in the LDL fraction and improvement in insulin production was observed (56%) in this trial.

In another study, the scientists improved the glucose uptake into muscle cells by the glucose transport protein GLUT-4 by adding hydrogen, thus the pathophysiology of type 1 diabetes was relieved.

Cancer Research

Hydrogen therapy has also found its way into cancer research, focusing mainly on animal models so far. Positive results found in the treatment of tongue carcinoma, colon carcinoma, liver tumors, thymus lymphoma, leukemia and others.
Researchers have noted that hydrogen has been found to suppress tumor growth. In addition, hydrogen therapy can reduce the side effects of cytostatic therapies and radiation.

In a clinical trial of 49 patients with malignant liver tumors who also received radiation therapy, the study group which received hydrogen as a medicinal application showed significantly fewer radiotherapy-related side effects, such as loss of appetite and loss of taste, as compared to the control group. It is important to note that the effectiveness of radiation was unchanged.
Researchers attribute the mechanism of action to be the anti oxidative properties of hydrogen on the hydroxyl radicals formed more under irradiation.

Autoimmune Disease

In a clinical study of 20 Japanese patients with rheumatoid arthritis, the patients who used hydrogen as a medicinal application showed a significant reduction in inflammatory biomarkers such as C-reactive protein. Four of the 20 patients showed complete remission of the disease, becoming symptom-free with no further elevation in biomarkers of this disease.
Researchers considered the possible mechanism of action to be anti-inflammatory effect of hydrogen on osteoblasts.

Hydrogen as a Beauty Product

The cosmetic industry is using the skin-image-improving effect of hydrogen, as the wrinkling of the skin which occurs during ageing is reduced by hydrogen.

One study noted that after using hydrogen as a anti-ageing tool, within two to five days, type 1 collagen synthesis was doubled with an increased fibroblast activity. Neck wrinkles were also significantly reduced also. (Kato et al., 2012).

Hydrogen can support longevity due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Researchers have postulated that, when an electron is pulled out of the hydrogen for neutralising a hydroxy radical (OH) which is considered the most harmful free radical in the human body, no harmful compounds remain.

Hydrogen is a selective anti-oxidant. It does not interfere with the vital oxidation processes of the body or affect vital substances.

Hydrogen has remarkable anti-oxidative effects which is derived from its ability to act in the direct neutralisation of free radicals.

The pleiotropic effects of hydrogen can be explained by its ability to affect the signalling pathways via modulation of the expression/activity of different molecules, gene expression and microRNA.

The transcription factor, Nuclear Factor (erythroid-derived 2)-similar 2, NrF2, is the “main regulator” of cellular antioxidant defense. Nrf2 regulates a wide range of cytoprotective responses and helps to attenuate age-related diseases. This mediator switches genes on and off to ensure that the right genetic information for the synthesis of proteins is available at the right time, in the right place and in the right quantity. Its activity is positively linked to the life potential of the species. It seems that hydrogen indirectly modulates the signal transduction, protein phosphorylation, and gene expression in this process. As a part of this action, it can increase the amounts of antioxidants and antioxidant enzymes inside cells. It has been found that Nrf2 is upregulated by ingestion of hydrogen-rich water. The researchers found an “increased Nrf2 activation response”

Studies have shown that hydrogen is not only beneficial for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases, but can also improve physical performance, slow the ageing process and promote health.

During chronic disease, the body goes through a range of stages in regards to the development of pathophysiology and symptoms. The initial processes involved in the development of chronic disease that occur are normally asymptomatic and reversible. However, once the individual passes through what is termed the “biological cut” the progression of the disease has usually become trapped within the inflammatory cycle, thus becoming chronic.

It is of paramount importance that chronic diseases are managed with natural therapies such as hydrogen before the individual reaches the “biological cut”. Hydrogen can act as a significant self-healing tool for the body, so that the individual can undergo “restitutio ad integrum” or the complete restoration of organ function.

There has been no negative side effects of hydrogen recorded so far in the literature, according to the current state of research.

View the Studies

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